• Does my child need a portfolio?

    Definitely not.

    Children build up their portfolios via work they get and these are added to their model cards as and when they come through.

    When we open our books and sign new children along with resigning current children we have a mandatory headshot session, these are for us to use the pictures for the child's model cards, to make sure they are professional and consistent. This is mandatory for children and babies above 6 months and sitting. 

  • How much will they earn?

    This again is difficult to answer and normally depends on the client, some have a set fee and others have an hourly rate. As an agency we take a 20% commission fee from every job booked. All monies must be paid into the child’s account, so if you are successful then please get your child one set up.

    Travel costs are also not included in shoots, this also applies to castings. These are normally last minute, are in central London, and only last 5 minutes. You must be willing to do the travelling if needed at your own expense.

  • When will my child get work?

    There is no absolute answer to this.

    It could be this week, it could be next year and for the most part it could be never. We never promise any child work. This industry is tough and with thousands of children all going for the same briefs it is tough, but we promise to work as hard as we can to secure those confirmations.

    We will be doing all we can behind the scenes and will always contact you if we need anything for a brief.

  • Are there any fees?


    We do not charge any fees to be signed with our agency, there is a fee for our headshot session which will be needed if your child is successful with us, but we do not charge to be on our books. 

  • How do I apply?

    Our books are closed for the majority of the year, we will announce on here and our social network when they open for new faces and how to apply.